Toujours Mikes sets sail for local shrimp!

Toujours Mikes

Hey Sailor! Tune up your rudder because it's time to set sail for local shrimp at Toujours Mikes. With our 4 new dishes filled with delicious Gaspesian shrimp, you're sure to find your happiness, and your taste buds too.

All about northern shrimp.

Commonly called Matane shrimp because it is in this city that the first shrimp processing factory was built in 1966, in Quebec, the official name is indeed the northern shrimp.

The northern shrimp is the most consumed in eastern North America. In fact, about 60 000 tons of these little delicacies are caught each year.

Tender and tasty, they are low in fat, but full of omega-3, protein, vitamin E, selenium, an antioxidant that promotes a healthy immune system, and phosphorus that promotes healthy bones and teeth. 

Discover our 4 new dishes with Gaspesian shrimp.

The Gaspesian: Freshness overload! Shrimp from Gaspésie, celery, green onions and dill, all incorporated into our classic Toujours Mikes bruschetta. Served with fior di latte cheese, Taglio crust sticks with herb oil, arugula, south-west sauce and a lemon slice. (Only available in our dining rooms). $12.99

Shrimp treat: A true local classic! Mix of shrimp from Gaspésie, celeri, green onions, dill and mayonnaise, served into delicious, toasted potato buns with garlic spread. Comes with chiseled lettuce, a lemon slice and a choice of side between fries, seasoned fries (+$1), house or Caesar salad (+$1) and poutine (+$2,99). $18.99

Jambalaya: Let yourself be transported with this flavor mix. Linguine, shrimp from Gaspésie, chicken, chorizo, onions, green peppers, Neapolitan sauce, celery, green onions, Cajun spices, and dill. $17.99

Fisherman's Casserole: Seeking comfort? Shrimp from Gaspésie, seafood sauce, celery, green onions, dill and roasted mushrooms, all au gratin with le Cantonnier Quebec cheese and mozzarella. Served with a choice of side between fries, seasoned fries (+$1), house or Caesar salad (+$1) and poutine (+$2,99). $20.99

A splash of freshness to accompany your shrimp dish.

A good time around good meal also means a good drink. Pair your local shrimp dish with a glass (or bottle) of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough. Bright and refreshing, this wine has aromas of citrus, pink grapefruit and herbal notes. Yummm...

And because Toujours Mikes doesn't do things by halves measures, we've also put together a little Spotify playlist that will put you in a seaside atmosphere from the very first note: Toujours Mikes en bord de mer. Listen to it with a shrimp treat in hand for the full immersive experience.

Still here? Don't wait any longer, check out our menu, order online, or board your ship and head to your favorite Toujours Mikes restaurant to discover our 4 delicious local shrimp dishes, available for a limited time.

Bon appetit my captain!