Toujours Mikes and Savoura join forces to offer you the best tomatoes in Quebec!

Toujours Mikes

It has always been important for us to serve you fresh quality food and encourage local producers, especially in the last years. We are therefore very happy to announce that we are now using Savoura tomatoes in all our dishes that contain this delicious red fruit. 

A little history of Savoura

Besides the famous red and tasty tomatoes that you have probably seen at the grocery store, what is Savoura? Savoura is a team of more than 400 people who are passionate about producing high quality fruits right here in Quebec all year long. In fact, since 1995, Savoura has been growing tomatoes on 32 hectares of greenhouses , 12 hectares of which are of organic production throughout the province. More recently, they have also added strawberries in 2017 and cucumbers in 2019 to their catalog.

What makes Savoura tomatoes different from others?

Whether cooked, raw, red or yellow, tomatoes have been part of our eating habits for quite some time. Originally from South America, this herbaceous plant, sensitive to the cold, used to be cultivated in the summer in Quebec, whereas with Savoura, we can now get fresh and accessible tomatoes, from here, all year long, even during wintertime. Thus, the taste, texture and appearance of Savoura tomatoes are much more enhanced and accentuated than those that have traveled from very far away.

Great tomatoes, great values!

In addition to cultivating delicious and beautiful tomatoes, Savoura has great and beautiful social and responsible implications! In fact, in addition to providing high quality products, Savoura's mission is to grow food in greenhouses in a sustainable and responsible manner by taking each step of production into consideration, including the use of forest biomass to heat several production sites since 2011, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They also use new technologies to reuse water 100% and optimize this resource while reducing its consumption. 

Discover the delicious Savoura tomatoes in our famous subs as well as in our Tomato and Fior di Latte starter also available in our Super Mix. Be quick before you get tomatoes thrown at you...