What are the best pizza topping ideas?

Toujours Mikes

Pizza can sometimes just be an excuse to eat melted cheese on delicious dough. And although dough is an essential component of this dish, today we want to discuss the most versatile part of the pizza: the toppings. Whether you're a classic or adventurous type, here are some of the best pizza topping ideas we can come up with. To your forks!

Classic and delicious pizza topping ideas

When it comes to pizza topping ideas, you can't pass up some of the classics. While some ingredients come and go as trends change, there are others that will always be in fashion. So before we go any further, let's remind ourselves of them.

For carnivores, the classic garnish is of course a pepperoni-cheese duo. It is also in the top 2 of the most ordered toppings in the world. In addition to this timeless, Hawaiian pizza is also available. We know , we know, we are touching on a sensitive subject here. For or against pineapples on pizza? Since all tastes are found in nature, and we don't want to settle the debate right now, let's just say that the sweet taste of pineapple is not all that bad. In fact, it compliments the salty side of sausages and company very well. Then comes the simplest pizza of all: the Neapolitan 2 toppings are enough to create a stunning blend of flavours: tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. With this one, there's no need to add anything else, it's perfect as it is. This is very popular in our restaurants, especially because it is very (very) delicious!

A BBQ-inspired pizza topping

Let's step off the beaten track and talk for a moment about BBQ chicken pizza. No, this is not chicken seasoned with a barbecue spice mix. Rather, it is cooked chicken, cut into cubes or strips, placed on barbecue sauce and covered with a combination of cheeses. You'd be surprised how delicious this pizza topping is. BBQ Chicken Pizza, like the one we serve in our restaurants, is a great way to satisfy both your sweet and savoury cravings without having to order a Hawaiian.

Seafood at the service of your pizza

Although meat is often the obvious choice of topping, there are many types of seafood that are perfect for pizzas. Shrimp, scallops, salmon, etc. The best way to serve a seafood topping is with a creamy sauce. If you want to treat yourself to a stunning meal that deviates from the classics, check out our Seafood Pizza the next time you visit us or call us to place an order. At Mikes, it is served on an Alfredo sauce-covered crust with a tasty blend of homemade seafood, topped with mozzarella cheese and garlic. A finger-licking delight!

A vegetarian duo that adds a little zing

Since vegetarian toppings are popular right now, let's take a look at mushrooms. Without a doubt, mushrooms make excellent pizzas. Our Vegetarian and our Garden are two proud representatives. For a little zing, why not add olives?

Enjoy a pizza covered with delicious toppings

Pizza is probably one of the finest dishes there is. With so many different toppings, it is almost impossible not to find one that perfectly matches your personal preferences.

When it comes to enjoying your next pizza, remember to try the topping ideas we've just presented. And if you don't want to prepare it yourself, come and pay us a visit! Our chefs will be happy to serve you the best pizza in town.