Toujours Mikes is taking part in the 2022 Poutine Week with the mac & cheese poutine “The Queb”!

Toujours Mikes

CALLING ALL POUTINE LOVERS! After winning the public's choice on the North Shore last year for our Lobster & Shrimp Taglio pizza during the Pizza Week, we're back this year for the 2022 Poutine Week! Whether you like it with a lot of cheese curds but not too much gravy, or a lot of gravy and less cheese, the 2022 Poutine Week is your chance to eat it every day, without any remorse and to discover original and decadent flavour combinations in this popular Canadian dish!

What is the Poutine Week?

It's a popularity contest in which several restaurants from across the country compete in a friendly manner with their poutine recipe that they think is the best or most original. This year's Poutine Week is spread over two weeks instead of one, from February 1st to 14th, which means twice as much time to indulge in the delicious participating dishes.

Our mac & cheese poutine "La Queb"!

Have you ever hesitated between a good, comforting mac & cheese and a nice big poutine? The next time it happens, you don't have to choose, we have the dish that will satisfy all your desires; our poutine mac & cheese "La Queb". Yes, we dared! French fries covered with a creamy three-cheese sauce, ground beef, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, cheese curds and crispy onions. 

We've come to pique your curiosity, haven't we? Go ahead and give in to temptation, try "La Queb" now and go vote at until February 14th! Available for a limited time, in our dining rooms, for delivery or takeout.