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The holiday season was a real treat... Well, fasten your seat belt my friend, because we've concocted a whole cheese feast for you. Prepare your taste buds, we have a mac & cheese for everyone! Feel free to try them all and share with a friend, but we won't judge you if you don't want to share 😉

Would you be a cheese addict to ?

It's not just at Toujours Mikes that we're cheese lovers. Did you know that cheese is one of the most popular dairy product in the world? No wonder, it's so delicious! Studies even show that Americans ate around 6 pounds of cheese per person annually during the mid-1970’s, a number that has continued to grow over the years and reached 11 pounds in 2018. That's a whole lot of cheese, my friend!

Not only is it delicious, but cheese may also have somewhat addictive properties that contribute to its widespread popularity. One of the reasons we love cheese so much may be the casein, a slowly digested protein found in dairy products. When we digest this protein, our bodies break it down into smaller compounds called casomorphins.  Basically, the more your brain is exposed to casomorphins, the more pleasure and happiness you experience, which may explain your intense cravings for cheese or a deliciously cheesy dish like mac & cheese 😉. Who knew there was a possible scientific explanation for our deep love of cheese?  Well, whether it's scientifically proven or not, we're convinced that our 4 new mac & cheeses will be the true proof that cheese addiction is real as soon as you discover them!

4 completely yummylicious new Mac & cheeses to satisfy your cheese cravings!

Our 4 decadent Mac & Cheeses, original Toujours Mikes recipes, are full of funky Cavatappi pasta covered in a generous portion of our creamy three-cheese blend sauce. Simply yummylicious;

  1. The Big Indulgence: our famous pork wings, green and cripsy onions and Frank’s Red Hot sauce;
  2. The well-dressed Philly: Delicious Philly Steak, green and crispy onions topped with a slice of perfectly melted Le Cantonnier cheese;
  3. The Vitamin Sea: Generous seafood mix with a creamy seafood sauce, mushrooms, green and crispy onions and a beautiful slice of melted le Cantonnier cheese on top;
  4. The Crispy BBQ : Crispy fried chicken, bacon, mushrooms, green and crispy onions and BBQ sauce.

A little glass of wine with that?

Who doesn’t loveee wine and cheese night?! No one! So why not accompany your Mac & Cheese with a good glass of Monasterio De Las Vinas, the perfect red to enhance your cheesy delight and take your happiness to another level. One word: YUMMYLICIOUS!

Pssst... Check out our menu, head to your favorite Toujours Mikes restaurant or if you prefer to devour your Mac & Cheese in your pajamas on the couch while listening to our Spotify Cheeeeeesy playlist, do yourself a favor and order online. And while you're at it, share your ultra-cheesy experience online and tag us on Facebook @lesrestaurantstoujoursmikes and Instagram @toujoursmikes. Happiness is at your fingertips, don't let it slip away, because our 4 Mac & Cheeses are available for a limited time at a Toujours Mikes restaurant near you!