Pork wings landed on our menu!

Toujours Mikes

Did your parents tell you that phrase too many times when you were young, when you asked for a new toy; "When pigs will fly!"? Well, now you can tell them that pigs do have wings, and they can see, and taste it for themselves at a Toujours Mikes restaurant near them, with the new pork wings appetizer, now available on our menu!

What are pork wings?

Enough with the jokes! What exactly are pork wings? They are the two ends of the pig's upper back that meet the backbone, better known as "baby back ribs". Pork wings at Toujours Mikes are cooked slowly, at a low temperature, for a completely decadent result; meat that is so tasty and tender it falls off the bone. 

Available as an appetizer itself or in our Super Mix which also includes fried chicken fillets, bruschetta rolls and Savoura tomatoes with fior di latte. Whether you get them regular or coated in Frank's Red Hot sauce for an extra kick, you'll be in heaven at the very first bite. 

Discover Toujours Mikes’ pork wings in our dining room or browse our menu now and order online for an experience that will give you wings too!