Toujours Mikes rewarded at La Pizza Week 2021

Toujours Mikes

From Na'eem Adam and Thierry Rassam, the same founders of La Poutine Week and Le Burger week, there's nothing more hot and cheesy than La Pizza Week 2021. This pizza party spanned Canada with the same festival excitement and format that Canadians have come to expect from the poutine and burger extravaganzas. The wide variety of special pizzas covered everything imaginable, from mozzarella classics to vegan options, to locally sourced Canadian ingredients and quality seafood toppings.

What Is La Pizza Week?

La Pizza Week is a pizza party and online competition with thousands of restaurants taking part in the pizza-themed fun. Restaurants participating in national pizza week all across Canada use the event to highlight a special dish on their menu. Diners try the dish then place their votes online in several categories. Each regional restaurant winner earns major bragging rights until the next year's La Pizza Week. Thanks to this nationwide festival, diners across Canada get to spend a whole week eating as many unique specialty pizzas as they can while supporting local restaurants and organizations.

Where Does La Pizza Week Take Place?

La Pizza Week takes place across Canada from coast to coast. More than 10 provinces participated in the nationwide festival, including Manitoba. Hundreds of cities all across Canada joined in La Pizza Week, like Calgary, Winnipeg, and Montreal. Thousands of participating restaurants across the country promoted their competition dish by offering the option to dine in the restaurant, pick up an order to go, or use a delivery service where available. So technically, La Pizza Week can take place in your own home, at a picnic table in a park, or anywhere you love to eat pizza.

Toujours Mikes Is One of La Pizza Week Winners!

During La Pizza Week 2021, Toujours Mikes won the public's choice prize for the Côte Nord region with their Lobster & Shrimps Taglio Pizza. This special pizza consists of Taglio dough, Alfredo sauce, lobster from Gaspésie, a mix of shrimps, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and arugula. It even comes with a basil aioli sauce on the side. What really makes this pizza outstanding is the premium Gaspésie lobster, which is the tastiest lobster you'll ever try. This unique and delicious pizza is still on the menu today at Toujours Mikes, and you should definitely give the seafood pizza combo a chance.

A Partnership With ANEB To Help People With an Eating Disorder

Not only does La Pizza Week support local businesses, but it also supports a worthy cause. La Pizza Week teamed up with Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec (ANEB), a nonprofit organization that helps and supports people with eating disorders. Partial proceeds from each sold pizza went to ANEB, providing specialized support for those struggling with eating disorders. In addition, Toujours Mikes is donating to ANEB for every Lobster & Shrimps Taglio Pizza that they sell. This incredible cause needs your help more than ever. COVID has made a detrimental impact on people, causing a 130% increase in eating disorders across Canada.