Toujours Mikes and les Fumoirs Gosselin present a new menu featuring the 6th wonder of flavour!

Smoked promotion Fumoirs Gosselin
Toujours Mikes

Attention, ladies, gentlemen and your tastebuds, we are about to share some smokin’ hot information. Yes my friends, your winter is about to get smoky with our new promotion “Smoked: the sixth wonder of flavour” featuring deliciously smoked products by our friends at Les Fumoirs Gosselin!

Les Fumoirs Gosselin

It all started with their Grandfather, M. Gosselin's passion for smoking… smoking fish and meat of course. He began selling his hot smoked salmon at the local market in Frelighsburg, and the quality of his product was quickly noticed by the locals, who kept asking for more. That's how Fumoirs Gosselin was born.

In 2008, they acquired a smokehouse and perfected their recipe for hot smoked salmon. A few years, the introduction of smoked pork and... a smoke show later, Les Fumoirs Gosselin products are now available in grocery stores across Quebec, and as of today on an exclusive menu available in all Toujours Mikes Restaurants!


Find out more about Les Fumoirs Gosselin, their products and their mission here

The sixth wonder of flavour in 6 meals at Toujours Mikes

Toujours Mikes, with Les Fumoirs Gosselin is presenting to you 4 delicious smoked dishes and 2 smoked breakfasts that are sure to please your taste buds; 

Artisanal smoked bacon panzerotti: Fresh pizza dough filled with smoked bacon bits, mozzarella, onions, cheese sauce and BBQ sauce. All brushed with garlic spread. Served with fries.

Pennine with maple smoked salmon candies: Pennine served with Alfredo sauce, maple smoked salmon candies, onions, mushrooms and spinach.

Smoked pork sub: Delicious bun topped with smoked pork, Mozzarella, lettuce, Savoura tomatoes, mustard and herb oil. Served with fries.

Smoked pork and artisanal smoked bacon spaghettini: Spaghettini served with Bolognese sauce, cream, smoked ground pork, smoked bacon and mushrooms.

Smoked pork grilled cheese*: Grilled sandwich with melted mozzarella cheese, topped with smoked ground pork and a touch of mustard. Served with potatoes, fresh fruit or tomatoes and coffee or tea.

Smoked porc skillet*: Egg any style, served on a delicious gratin of smoked ground pork, smoked bacon, cheese sauce and onions. Served with toast, baked beans and coffee or tea.

*Available in Restaurants serving the breakfast menu only. Please contact your favorite Toujours Mikes Restaurant to know if they offer the breakfast menu.

Join Toujours Mikes to add the “smoked” flavour to the 5 official tastes!

As tastebuds specialists, Toujours Mikes Restaurants is claiming to add the smoked flavour to the list of official tastes; acid, sweet, bitter, spicy and umami. Join us, if like us, you believe that the smoked flavour we can famously find in smoked meet sandwiches and smoked salmon should be added to the list of official tastes. 

Sign our petition now here and be part of this historic change in the culinary world. And most importantly, come taste our smoked menu at your favourite Toujours Mikes Restaurant, in the dining room, delivery or take-out and make it quick before it goes up in smoke!

Want the complete experience? Eat your smoked meal while listening to our Playlist “The sixth wonder of musical taste”: