Toujours Mikes joins forces with Monsieur Cocktail to quench your summer thirst!

Cocktail promotion 2023
Toujours Mikes

Toujours Mikes joins forces with Monsieur Cocktail to quench your summer thirst!

Hey my friend! Summer is just around the corner, which means sun, heat, terraces, family and friends, but also refreshing cocktails! That's why we've decided to partner with Monsieur Cocktail to make sure you get the best cocktails and mocktails this summer.

Monsieur Cocktail

Who is Monsieur Cocktail, you may ask? Well, in real life, Monsieur Cocktail is Patrice Plante and his business has been around since 2015. For him, the most important thing is to enjoy the moment with his friends and family. So he decided to combine this with his passion for mixology and create cocktail syrups to bring the world together over a good drink. It's perfect, because for us too, at Toujours Mikes, our goal is to bring people together, around a good meal.

The famous syrups

In addition to being a proudly Quebec-based company, the production process of Monsieur Cocktail syrups is really great; they are made from freshly squeezed juices or from food scraps from Loop Mission, also from Quebec. Not only are they delicious, they also help reduce food waste, wow!

It's 5pm somewhere! Discover our 3 original cocktails.

Voici nos trois cocktails, conçu spécialement pour la saison estivale 2023 en collaboration avec les sirops de fruits Monsieur Cocktail :

Coco Loco: Rum, Curaçao, pina colada mix, Monsieur Cocktail lime syrup and 7UP.

Fruit Fizz: Vodka, Mister Cocktail peach syrup, grenadine, Schweppes ginger ale and Brisk lemonade.

The Splash: Gin, lime syrup ginger syrup by Monsieur Cocktail, apple juice and Schweppes ginger ale.

All three cocktails are also available in mocktail versions for everyone's pleasure!

So buddy, when will you have a little happy hour at our place to discover these beautiful and refreshing drinks? As they say, it's 5pm somewhere, so call your friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters and come gather around a good fruity drink at your favorite Toujours Mikes restaurant!