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A story about family, community and passion that started more than 50 years ago.

Toujours Mikes is known for its hot submarines, generous pizzas, delicious pasta dishes and original Duettos. We are also in the “breakfast” niche since 1992 with our breakfast pizzas and flavourful countrysides.Since the first Toujours Mikes restaurant’s opening in 1967, we are part of Quebecer’s daily life. In an era where everything moves in fast forward, Toujours Mikes offers reassuring landmarks with its classic dishes, which are always delicious.

A true classic ever present

People know and recognize Toujours Mikes by its iconic products which transcend time. Many people associate Toujours Mikes with a specific product or combination, like the SuperstarMD or Co-StarMD subs, the DuettosMD or the delicious breakfast pizzas. We are proud of our path and we hope to welcome you on this amazing journey.

Toujours Mikes, it’s:

  • Morning, Noon and Night
  • Dine-in, Delivery and Take-out
  • More than 50 years active
  • More than 70 restaurants
  • More than 3 000 employees
  • More than 7 500 000 meals served annually

Continually increasing sales!

  • 2016 +3%
  • 2017 +5.6%
  • 2018 +4.6%
  • 2019 +5.2%

Investments and support

At Toujours Mikes, we believe that opening a franchise in the restaurant industry must be an informed and matured decision to be taken with full knowledge of the facts.
The information given below will give you the basic parameters you need to consider to decide if a Toujours Mikes franchise could be a good choice for you.
In addition, our market development specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Assistance and restaurant opening

  • Supervision of all opening’s activities
  • Establishment of relationships with designed suppliers
  • Implantation of a local marketing campaign

Design and construction

  • Plans for interior and exterior design
  • Supervision of the construction’s process and steps
  • Decoration, interior signalisation and infrastructures

Marketing support for the franchisees

  • National marketing campaigns
  • Consulting service and implantation of local marketing initiatives adapted to the specific needs
  • Consulting service and internal management of web tools


  • Private support from a dedicated District Manager
  • Exploitation manuals


  • 8 to 10 weeks of intensive training for the direction
  • Visual supports for all employees
  • Workshops and visits from our designated trainer
  • Training videos (promotions, menus, etc.)

Toujours Mikes has always been a family affair and our relationship with our franchisees is no exception to that!

Our franchisees are surrounded by a complimentary Team which provides them with unwavering support.
Operations, marketing, purchasing, creation and culinary development work in continuing collaboration to utilize the required expertise on 360°.

Be certain that we all work towards the same objective:

make your restaurant shine and, by doing so, the Toujours Mikes brand.

Total Investment

The initial investment for a new TOUJOURS MIKES RESTAURANT is between

$650 000 and $695 000

Royalty Fees


annually, based on your sales

National Marketing Fund Contribution


of your annual sales

Local Marketing Investment


of your annual sales

About us

Toujours Mikes is part of MTY Franchising Inc., a division of MTY Group, which is renown in the restauration industry for managing almost 75 banners for more than 35 years now.

The franchisee selection process

Choosing to open a franchise is making the decision to become a business partner with another business, a franchisor. This decision is for both partners a process that must be done diligently and transparently. Here are the key steps, from the first contact to the opening of the restaurant to ensure a win-win partnership for both parties.

1 Submit an application
2 Interview process
3 In restaurant observation days
4 Due diligence period
5 Site discussion & secure financing
6 Selection committee approval process
7 Finalize agreements & training period commences
8 Restaurant opening

Business opportunities

Toujours Mikes is always looking for franchising partners. We have several areas in which we would like to open a new Toujours Mikes restaurant. You already have a restaurant and would like to join the family? Contact us right away!

We are actively seeking franchising partners in the following market:

  • North Shore
  • Montreal
  • South shore

Let’s talk about your restaurant opening!

The idea of opening a Toujours Mikes restaurant made its way? Let's talk about it! Contact us for any question or request for information. We promise you accuracy and transparency.

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