This summer, quench your thirst with Toujours Mikes, Monsieur Cocktail and la Distillerie 3 Lacs!

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Toujours Mikes

Spring means summer, and summer means terraces, sun, fun and happiness! That's what Toujours Mikes has in store for you starting May 6, 2024 for all summer long, with our 3 new summer cocktails featuring, for a second year, the delicious Monsieur Cocktail and a special collaboration with Distillerie 3 Lacs.

3 new cocktails to toast to the summer

With your friends, family or colleagues, here are our 3 new cocktails, to be enjoyed right now, at a Toujours Mikes near you: 

Flamingo: Imagine a pink lemonade Moscow Mule… that’s what this joyful mix spirit-based cooler Pink Lemonade Gin from la Distillerie 3 Lacs and Monsieur Cocktail’s ginger syrup are offering you. 

Sparkling peach: A sparkling, sweet Aperol-based cocktail flavoured with Monsieur Cocktail’s peach syrup. The mocktail version is made with the Italian Aperitivo NOA to maintain the depth of flavours provided by the Aperol.

Orange float : Fall right back into your childhood with this creamy cocktail made vodka, triple sec, orange juice and Monsieur Cocktail vanilla syrup. Mocktail version available.

Distillerie 3 Lacs

Proudly located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, la Distillerie 3 Lacs was founded in 2019 by three passionate friends. Since then, it has been shining with its diversified range of refreshingly flavored spirits, liqueurs and ready-to-drinks, including the ready-to-drink Gin Limonade Rose, which was crowned gold medal and best of show at the London Spirits Competition 2022 and will be available in all Toujours Mikes restaurants, in dining room, delivery and take-out orders.

 NOA by Monsieur Cocktail

Born of founder Patrice Plante's desire to promote a balanced lifestyle, NOA offers a range of non-alcoholic, well-balanced, ready-to-drink spirits and cocktails. From Amaretto to Gin to Spiced Rum, the flavors are carefully crafted to offer delicious depth to all your non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Discover the NOA Italian aperitivo non-alcoholic beverage in our Sparkling Peach mocktail, which replaces Aperol with notes of tangerine, orange and rhubarb, as well as the light bitterness from gentian.

Whether you're looking to celebrate, socialize or cool off, Toujours Mikes is the place to be this summer, over fine food and delicious cocktails. Cheers!