The best brunch recipes for a perfect meal

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After a hard week of work, there is nothing better than meeting with family and friends for a good brunch on the weekend. When it comes to brunch, the possibilities for food are almost endless. Since we are committed to bringing pleasure to your taste buds, we have decided to present some of the best brunch recipes for a truly delicious experience.

Eggs Benedict: the perfect brunch recipe

How can we discuss brunch without talking about eggs? The great thing about eggs is their versatility. Today, we go crazy for this brunch staple especially because they make a tasty Eggs Benedict.

When it comes to this type of meal, the key to success is having the 3 essential components of this dish on hand: an English muffin, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. After that, it's up to you to add whatever extras you want. In our restaurants, we like to add a little meat and cheese. For instance, our Classic is served with ham and Swiss cheese. Our Saint-Raymond is served with bacon and Saint-Raymond, a soft, creamy cheese from our region. Eggs Benedict are great on their own, but as part of a brunch, we recommend serving them with a few potatoes and a side of fresh fruit.

Pancakes, waffles and French toast are added to the mix

Who doesn't drool over a beautiful stack of pancakes, waffles or nicely layered French toast covered in maple syrup? The advantage of pancakes and company is that they appeal to both sweet and salty tastes.

Those of you who are more traditional may simply want to serve them plain with a few fresh fruits and a generous drizzle of maple syrup, while the more adventurous may want to stray from the beaten track. For them, we have the perfect brunch recipe: take a thin pancake, drizzle it with Alfredo sauce (yes, really) and add ham, broccoli, Saint-Raymond cheese (we love it), mozzarella and fold it over. That's it! You have a gourmet inspired recipe that is perfect for brunch.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, our chefs have also thought of you. This delicious trio combines a pancake, a half waffle covered with fruit and a slice of French toast on the same plate, all served with fruit sauce or hollandaise sauce. A winning recipe every time that is rather easy to make at home when welcoming family and friends to brunch.

Impress your guests with countryside eggs

Let's go back to the eggs one more time. They not only make excellent Eggs Benedict, they also make a tasty countryside egg hash. This type of dish always dazzles the crowd. Essentially, it consists of one or two eggs served on a delicious gratin hash. For an idea, our Chez nous is made up of ham, bacon, sausages, seasoned potatoes, table syrup and gratin cheese topped off with two fried eggs. For brunch, we recommend serving this dish with baked beans and toast. Your guests will certainly be delighted.

Enjoy the best brunch recipes with family or friends

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to get together with family or friends. The key to having a good time with your loved ones is choosing tasty dishes that are easy to prepare.

We are convinced that the few ideas we have just suggested will be unanimously approved by your guests. And if ever you're not excited about cooking for a group of people on a Sunday morning, think of us and come visit one of our restaurants. Our chefs will be happy to cook the best brunch recipes for you.