Satisfy your vegetable craving with the best recipe ideas in town

Toujours Mikes

Oh! Your belly is rumbling and all you want is vegetables? No problem, we're here for you. In the following article, we will review some tasty recipes that are loaded with veggies. Then all you have to do is go to the fridge and make them in no time at all.

Salad puts vegetables in the spotlight

Vegetable recipes naturally include salads. A well-designed salad meal can be very satisfying. The important thing is to add in the winning trio of fats, proteins and carbs.

Take our Mikes salad, for example. For maximum pleasure when you eat it, we put together some mixed lettuce, kale, tomatoes and thinly sliced red onions in it. Then we add a little protein so that you are fully satiated.

In this case, the spotlight is on a tender boneless chicken breast. You are free to replace the breast with salmon, shrimp and even fried calamari, which we also offer in restaurants. As for complex carbohydrates, a few homemade croutons are added with a delicious sweet onion vinaigrette and a little basil garlic aïoli drizzled on top. There you have it! Nothing could be easier.

The submarine goes green

If you don't want a salad, what do we do? Well, we can prepare a good submarine. Ours are excellent. To make a respectable submarine, take a loaf of bread about 10 inches long and slice it in half. Then brown slices of onions, mushrooms and green peppers for about 5 minutes. Place all this on the bread, cover with mozzarella cheese and grill until the cheese is melted. When you remove it from the oven, finish the preparation by adding salad and fresh tomato slices before topping it off with herb oil.

The carnivores among you can always add Philly steak slices or chicken strips under the vegetables before putting it in the oven.  

When pizza and veggies go perfectly together

Pizza is also great for vegetables. The important thing here is not to overdo it. If you choose vegetables such as mushrooms and red peppers, as in our submarine example, brown them before placing them on the pizza. Otherwise, these vegetables could release too much water during cooking and excessively moisten the dough. Artichoke hearts and olives also make excellent pizzas.

Pasta to satisfy your vegetable craving

The pasta dishes on our menu are very popular. But can they satisfy your craving for vegetables? Of course, as demonstrated by our Chicken and Broccoli Pennine. Served with our famous Alfredo sauce, this dish contains delicious broccoli florets. At home, you can soften your florets by lightly browning them in a frying pan or steaming them.

If you don't like eating broccoli, mushrooms still come to the rescue. They are also featured in our Seafood Linguini. Creamy seafood sauce, seafood mix, shrimp, roasted mushrooms and scallions are all you need to enjoy your meal.

100% vegetable recipe ideas

This is roughly how you can satisfy your vegetable craving while taking inspiration from our menu. Of course, there are many other ways to eat vegetables. You can even put some in your poutine if you want. In fact, that's what we do with our Superstar poutine: add mushrooms, onions and peppers.

For more great tips, visit the blog section of our website. And to easily satisfy your vegetable cravings, come and visit one of our restaurants or order your meal online. It's simple, quick and always tasty. Bon appetit!