Lobster Ahoy at Toujours Mikes!

Toujours Mikes

All aboard! Lobster season has officially begun at Toujours Mikes. Oh yes, we're back for a limited time from May 6, 2024 with 7 dishes bursting with delicious Gaspesian lobster. Come on, set sail for local lobster, my friend!

Exceptional lobster

At Toujours Mikes, we want to make sure we serve you the best lobster available. Our lobsters are harvested directly from the cold, clear waters of the Gaspesie, using sustainable fishing methods. The fishermen ensure that the maximum and minimum sizes of each lobster are respected, and that female lobsters are returned to the water when they are carrying eggs. 

Once caught, the lobsters are placed in a tank for 24 hours before being processed. The lobster is then cooked for 8 minutes, cooled and frozen immediately for maximum freshness once it arrives on your plate.

7 lobster dishes from Gaspésie to delight you all summer long

Lobster bisque: Smooth and velvety with delicious pieces of lobster.

Lobster and shrimp pizza rolls: Pizza dough rolls topped with lobster, shrimp, spinach, onion, celery and mozzarella. Brushed with garlic spread and a touch of Jérôme Ferrer’s lobster oil.

Lobster rolls: Gaspesian lobster meat, onion, celery, lettuce and mayonnaise in a tasty potato bun. Served with lemon, a small Caesar salad and your choice of side dish.

Lobster and shrimp linguine casserole au gratin: Linguine in a creamy seafood sauce with lobster and shrimp mix, roasted mushrooms, green onions, onion, celery, and garlic. Served au gratin with mozzarella and Cantonnier cheese from Quebec. Yummylicious!

Lobster and shrimp risotto: creamy risotto topped with lobster, shrimp, roasted mushrooms, onion, celery and a drizzle of Jérôme Ferrer’s lobster oil. Comes with a small Caesar salad.

It's never too early for lobster, so we've concocted 2 breakfast dishes, available at Toujours Mikes restaurants offering breakfast only.

Lobster and shrimp eggs benedict: 1 or 2 poached eggs servant on an English muffin topped with lobster, shrimp, spinach, onion, celery and mozzarella. Topped with a creamy hollandaise sauce and a drizzle of Jérôme Ferrer’s lobster oil. Comes with potatoes, fresh fruit or tomatoes and coffee or tea.

Lobster, shrimp and artisanal smoked bacon focaccia: Grilled foccacia topped with lobster, shrimp, artisanal smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, celery, mayonnaise and an egg of your choice. Topped with a drizzle of Jérôme Ferrer lobster oil and comes with a side of potatoes and fresh fruit or tomatoes and coffee or tea.

Le Pive Gris Sable de Camargue: the perfect pairing for your lobster meal

From France's wild and colorful Camargue region, where the waters of the Rhône and the Mediterranean meet, Le Pive is made from grapes grown on organic vines planted on fine sand dunes that have benefited from a remarkable Mediterranean climate. It's the perfect rosé to pair with your lobster rolls, risotto or lobster linguine, for its freshness and lightness.

For the ultimate experience, let yourself be carried away by the musical waves of our Spotify playlist "Toujours Mikes en bord de mer" as you eat your lobster dish and sip your glass of Le Pive : 

It's now time to set sail for Toujours Mikes and discover our lobster menu today! See the menu, order online or head to your favorite restaurant to try our 7 generous Gaspesian lobster dishes, available at Toujours Mikes for a limited time only.