Lobster Ahoy!

Lobster promotion 2023
Toujours Mikes

Lobster on port this spring at Toujours Mikes!

Yes, sailor, lobster is back at Toujours Mikes! The wait is finally over and our long awaited lobster menu is back. Without making any waves, we have to say that we have the best lobster dishes for you, starting May 8, for a limited time. 4 new dishes are offered in addition to our famous lobster rolls. Ready to make your tastebuds happy?

From the sea to the table, we take good care of our lobster

At Toujours Mikes, we get our lobster directly from the Gaspesian Peninsula, with sustainable fishing. But what is sustainable fishing? It's when fishermen respect the maximum and minimum sizes and that females are thrown back into the water when they bear eggs. Yes, but once caught, what happens? The lobsters are put in a tank 24 hours before being worked. The lobster is cooked 8 minutes, cooled and frozen immediately afterwards for maximum freshness once in your plate.

Make your taste buds travel to the seaside with our 5 new lobster dishes from Gaspésie

Lobster bisque: Smooth and velvety with delicious pieces of lobster.
Mac & cheese bites with cheesy lobster and shrimp dip: Succulent fried mac & cheese in small bites with a lobster and shrimp cheese dip.
Lobster rolls: Gaspesian lobster meat, onion, celery, lettuce and mayonnaise in a tasty potato bun. Served with lemon, a small Caesar salad and your choice of side dish.
Lobster and shrimp linguine casserole au gratin: Linguine in a creamy seafood sauce with lobster and shrimp mix, roasted mushrooms, green onions, garlic, mozzarella and Cantonnier cheese from Quebec. All served au gratin. Yummylicious!
Lobster, shrimp and bacon pizza: A generous mix of lobster and shrimp, bacon, mozzarella and seafood sauce, all on our famous homemade pizza dough.

A dose of Happiness to accompany your shellfish dish

What could be better than a good dose of happiness to complement your lobster dish. Indulge yourself with a good glass of Le Bonheur - Chardonnay. From vineyards overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Le Bonheur offers notes of citrus blossom, melon and white peach with a touch of minerality. A perfect match for your lobster dish!

Now that your taste buds are satisfied, take your eardrums on a trip to the seaside with our Toujours Mikes Seaside Spotify playlist ;
So captain, what are you waiting for, set sail and come discover our lobster menu now! Check out our menu, order online, or navigate to your favorite Toujours Mikes restaurant to discover our 4 delicious Gaspé lobster dishes, available for a limited time.

Ahoy Captain!