Domaine De Lavoie; Will That Be a White, or a Rosé?

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Domaine De Lavoie; Will That Be a White, or a Rosé?              

Domaine de Lavoie is a second-generation family-operated winery located in Montérégie on the southern slope of Mont Rougemont. This winery is known for its high-quality wines and ciders crafted with fruits grown right here in Quebec. At Toujours Mike, we offer a selection of white and rosé wines from Domaine de Lavoie, which pair nicely with our new and existing menu options.

Who Is “Domaine de Lavoie”?

Domaine de Lavoie was started by Estelle and Francis Lavoie, who hailed from Gaspésie and settled in Rougemont in 1983. Upon their arrival, the couple purchased a small orchard to grow apples. They later purchased a second plot and expanded their apple orchard to develop and produce wines and ciders. Today, the estate houses more than 20,000 apple trees, 4,000 pear trees, and 83,000 vines, all producing fruit used in the delicious wine and cider blends.  


White wine is a popular option in the winery world, as many people love the tart sweetness that it provides. It also pairs nicely with a range of food options, making it a versatile choice that appeals to a wide range of people. When making white wine, winemakers start by harvesting green or white grapes, often in the morning when the fruit is cool from the night air. Whole bunches are de-stemmed and pressed to remove the juice and pulp.

The next step depends on the winemaker's personal preferences — many add gas to neutralize spoilage, while others wait until the fermentation process is complete. Fermentation involves combining the juice from the pressed grapes with yeast, which causes the mixture to foam, warm, and release carbon dioxide and potent fruity vapors.

The white wine from Domaine de Lavoie is actually bright yellow in color and features a blend of exotic and citrus fruits. The aroma boasts subtle floral notes, while the taste is fruity and crisp. It's recommended to pair with fish, sushi, and white meats, including lobster and shrimp, so it goes well with the springtime lobster dishes on the Toujours Mike menu.


Rosé wine has a similar manufacturing process to white wine, although it has one distinctive difference. The skins of red grapes touch the white wine for a short period of time, often for just a few hours, to create the lovely pink color. Red wines can ferment for weeks or longer, so the removal of the red grape skins ensures that rosé wine remains light in color and flavor. Winemakers use all types of red grape skins to create rose wines, paired with citrus, floral, and fruity notes.

Domaine de Lavoie offers a charming rosé that includes tart strawberries and fresh raspberries, providing a supple taste that lingers on the tongue. It gives off springtime and summertime vibes and pairs nicely with fresh salads, basil, seafood, and dishes with balsamic vinegar.

Pair It With Our New Lobster Menu This Spring

It's lobster season and Toujours Mikes has added a selection of lobster dishes to the menu in celebration. Each of these options pairs well with a glass of white or rosé from Domaine de Lavoie, so explore the menu and order online.