Breakfast pizza: make yourself a morning treat for a change

Toujours Mikes

You wake up in the morning, by yourself or with your family, and after a quick visit to the bathroom, your stomach starts to growl. Oh! Hunger is calling.

Slowly but surely, you walk into the kitchen, open the cupboard where the food is hiding and take out the famous cereal box that you grab every morning. But ultimately, unlike every other day, today you don't want to eat your cereal. No! This morning you want something different. What now?

If you want to break the daily breakfast routine, we have the perfect meal for you: the breakfast pizza. Weird? Yes, but above all, very scrumptious. Let's look at how to prepare a tasty breakfast pizza that will make you jump out of bed without hesitation.

What is a breakfast pizza?

So, what is a breakfast pizza? Well, this dish is not that far from traditional pizza. The adventure begins with pizza dough, continues with sauce and ends with a topping of your choice. Once everything is in place, we slide it in the oven for a while, then (finally) taste and enjoy it.

Begin preparing this delicious dish

For the dough, the choice is yours. Either you prepare it homemade with a little yeast, sugar, warm water, flour and salt, or you buy it ready-made in a grocery store. If you choose the grocery version, head to the frozen food section, since that's where pizza dough is usually found, although some brands offer fresh dough.

Continue with the topping

Now what do we put on our pizza? There are no right or wrong answers here. After all, taste is subjective. This morning, we want to satisfy our desire for something sweet and salty (a reference to our Sweet and Salty breakfast pizza), so let's go with that.

To make a proper Sweet and Salty, you need scrambled eggs, fried bacon, hollandaise sauce (homemade or in a pouch), maple syrup (yummy!) and a three-cheese blend.

Assembly and cooking: the ultimate feast is approaching

Once all these toppings are put together, it's time to assemble our breakfast pizza. Spread the pizza on a baking sheet with a little flour or cornmeal on it (we don't want it to stick). Then, brush the dough with hollandaise sauce (not too much), continue with the scrambled eggs and bacon, add a drizzle of maple syrup and finish by covering it with your three-cheese blend.

As for cooking, it's quite simple. For the best possible breakfast pizza, you need a hot oven. A temperature between 450°F and 500°F is ideal. Cooking time should be around 10 to 15 minutes. For even baking, simply rotate the pizza halfway through.

Breakfast pizza: give in to temptation for a change

Roughly speaking, this is how to prepare a sweet and salty version of the Mikes breakfast pizza. Naturally, there are many other kinds of breakfast pizza. Why not come to our restaurant to enjoy the best of them? Our chefs make them to perfection! From the Western and the Lumberjack to the green Garden, our team will always be delighted to welcome you in our friendly atmosphere. And if on this beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning, you would rather stay in the comfort of your home, place an order online. The minute you order, the minute we deliver. Bon appétit.