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Dining room

  • NEW - Smoky: The sixth wonder of flavour

    Discover our 4 smokin' new meals, made with the local and delicious Fumoirs Gosselin products. Hurry before they go up in smoke!

  • Pizzas
  • Pastas

    Add $3 to make it a combo.

  • Pastas

    Served with a bread roll.

  • Submarines combos
  • Beverages
  • Kids

    Valid for 10 years old or less.

  • Fried chicken
  • Combo Meals
  • Beverages
  • Sides

    Most of our sides are served with a choice of dip (tartar, southwest, basil aioli or neapolitan).

  • Submarines

    All our subs are served with herb oil and a choice of regular fried, house or caesar salad or seasoned fries (+$1). Replace your fries with a regular poutine (+$2.99).

  • Poutines
  • Kids

    For lunch and dinner, the meal includes the main dish of your choice, a beverage and a choice of Poptarts Bites or a sundae. 10 years and younger. With the purchase of a regular price main course.

  • Midday Express

    Include: Your choice of soup, salad, vegetablejuice or dessert of the day + coffee, tea or soft drink

NEW - Smoky: The sixth wonder of flavour
Submarines combos
Fried chicken
Combo Meals
Midday Express