Toujours Mikes restaurant

Job offer

Bar staff

Nature of the work

The bar service prepares the various beverages on the Mikes menu for the waiters and waitresses in the dining room.

Main functions

  • Prepares the beverages on the Mikes menu for the waiters and waitresses
  • Operates the glassware washing machine and puts glassware back in its place
  • Supplies the bar with the required liqueur, fruits, etc.
  • Ensures his or her work area is clean
  • Organizes his or her work area
  • Maintains a professional appearance and good personal grooming
  • Complies with Mikes Restaurants recipes
  • Applies health regulations as to cleanliness
  • Applies safety regulations
  • Applies the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  • Complies with equipment usage guidelines
  • Complies with maintenance guidelines for the restaurant and equipment
  • Stores the products and preparations according to the probable conservation period
  • Rotates inventory
  • Unpacks and stores provisions in the refrigerators, the storerooms and other storage areas
  • Maintains consistency in the quality of food in terms of appearance and taste
  • Provides general assistance in the bar service area
  • Prepares beverages for bar customers as requested
  • Entertains and interacts with customers
  • Performs other tasks as required by the supervisor


Have 1 to 2 years experience as barman/barmaid or have completed a bartending course.
Discretion, facility with meeting people, leadership, good personal grooming, self-confidence, integrity, ability to manage stress, dynamism, autonomy, good initiative, and flexibility are required. Must be bilingual and commitment to quality.

Working conditions

Working hours are generally pre-scheduled, with occasional overtime. Must often work evenings, weekends and statutory holidays. Part time work is available. Work is rather intense at mealtimes.

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Spontaneous application

Following the new Public Health measures to be respected in public places, wearing a mask is now mandatory inside our establishments. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to wear a mask when you walk and move around in our restaurants. You will only be able to remove it when you will be sitting at your table to enjoy your favourite dish, obviously. Thank you for your precious collaboration.

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