Online ordering: take a tour of our menu to find out what to have for takeout

Toujours Mikes

You're hungry, but tonight you don't feel like cooking... So, what do you do? It's simple: order a meal online. If you're a regular customer, you know that our menu offers an incredible choice of dishes, each one as tasty as the next.

To help you silence those hunger pangs, let's take a tour of our menu together. Then you can have a delicious and satisfying meal delivered to you in no time.

An online ordering menu with vegetables in the spotlight

As the New Year begins, if you've made the resolution to eat more vegetables, our chefs have a selection of meals that are perfect for satisfying your vitamin cravings.

The first green headliners in our online ordering menu: our salads. Homemade salads often leave something to be desired. You eagerly scarf them down, but soon find yourself hungry again.

Mikes salads are packed with healthy food. But most importantly, they are very filling. They are made with crisp, fresh vegetables such as a mix of homemade lettuce, kale and tomatoes, followed by a healthy dose of protein to ensure that you feel satiated.

While our À La Mikes Salad comes with a nice big boneless chicken breast, we always offer you the choice to personalize your meal with your preferred protein: crispy chicken, shrimp, salmon and even bites of fried calamari. Absolutely delicious!

Heartier meals to the rescue of your hunger

Occasionally, it's perfectly acceptable to indulge yourself with a larger meal. Once again, our menu has what it takes to keep you satisfied.

For instance, our pasta menu offers a wide selection of dishes. From our Lasagna Bolognese and our Seafood Linguine to our Spaghettini Pesto-Alfredo and our Chicken and Broccoli Pennine, you're sure to find a pasta dish that's perfect for you, no matter what the occasion or day of the week.

If you had pasta yesterday, and want a change, our submarines are always good, fresh and quickly delivered to your door. Some of our subs are topped with Philly steak, others with chicken strips or steak slices. But if your craving for vegetables still drives your meal choice, choose our Field of Dreams: a submarine covered with a crisp and delicious selection of garden veggies. Yummy!

Our menu classics: from our kitchens to your home in an instant

Our menu also features some of the classic dishes that have made us so popular since our founding. If you want to treat yourself at home without having to do endless dishes, order one of our poutines. Naturally, there is the traditional Poutine, but we also offer some gourmet choices, such as our Bacon, Chicken and Mushroom Poutine, our Philly Steak Poutine Saint-Raymond (an excellent cheese made here in Quebec) or our Superstar Poutine, which comes with a trio of meats, vegetables and the famous squeaky cheese that we love so much.

In addition to poutines, our menu also features a good selection of pizzas. Altogether, we offer 9 different pizzas that you can easily make even more delicious when you add stuffed crust. Give them a try!

A perfect menu for ordering a fresh and tasty meal online

If you don't feel like making lunch or dinner, order your meal online. You can rest assured you will eat a great-tasting meal prepared with fresh, tasty ingredients.

But if you're more inclined to treat yourself to a little outing on your own, as a couple or with your family and children, visit the restaurant nearest you. Our entire team will be delighted to welcome you in our friendly environment.

Bon appétit!